Digital Downloads

Hello there! Today I’ve got some exciting news, I’m dipping my toe into the world of digital downloads! It’s a bit terrifying to try something so new, but I’m also super excited to be able to share some of my patterns in new ways.

Many of my designs are just not fit for digital products. They contain pieces that require printing on larger printers than most people have at home and are just impractical. But I do understand the excitement of buying a pattern and being able to immediately start on the project. So I’ve started working towards offering downloads of the patterns that will work, while keeping the ones that don’t as paper only products.

Each digital download contains an instruction booklet and the patterns. To start I’ve got two patterns ready: 3D Cubes and Concentric Squares. I’ll be working on more, and will continue to create digital downloads from both the patterns already available as well as new designs that I create that fit the format.

Please join me on social media @jessicaleboquilts and share your versions of these quilts!

Happy Quilting!