Wolf collage quilt progress pictures.

My howling wolf fabric collage is finished!  And I love seeing progress pictures, so here are a few of mine from this project.

wolf fabric collage art quilt

Most of the fabric is placed here.  You can see my reference image in the top left.  I wish I had taken a picture of my initial sketch, but I forgot…. The edges haven’t been glued yet here. 

The next picture shows my auditioning some background fabrics.  I knew I wanted a dark background.  The solid black to the right felt too dark.  Although I loved the starry night feel of the two different glittery fabrics on the bottom right, they actually seemed just too distracting when placed next to the wolf.  I liked the balance of the top left fabric.  Reminded me slightly of a dark woods feel. 

howling wolf fabric art collage quilt
wildlife art wolf fabric collage quilt work in progress

Here the background is done.  All my fabric pieces have been glued down and I’ve also added my border.  

The next picture shows my beginning thread painting.  Also gives you a better idea of the size of my fabric pieces.  I like to start with the darkest threads first. 

thread painting wolf quilt
thread painting wolf fabric collage back

The back of the quilt after the black thread is finished.  I love how much you can see the outline of the wolf at this point! 

The next picture shows the finished back of the quilt after multiple colors of thread.  I debated the background quilting for a while, but ultimately decided to go with a very simple pattern to focus only on the wolf.  I love looking at the back of thread painted quilts! 

fabric painting collage quilt back finished

And a couple of close ups of the front of the quilt.  It’s hard to see the thread painting in a normal distance photo and I love seeing the details!

thread painting wolf fabric art collage closeup
closeup fabric painting wolf fabric art quilt

And my wolf collage is finished!   I’ve had so much fun working on this project.  The reference photo is one that I’ve drawn many times before and it felt only appropriate to make a fabric version. 

Happy quilting!  ~Jessica  🙂